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Bob LaGarde

Hi, I'm Bob LaGarde. Welcome to my profile!

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I tend to think of myself as an invigorator, an adventurer, a just do it kind of guy. My blog covers areas of personal, political and business interest.My business expertise includes e-commerce, payments, software development, product management, branding, social media, team building, business structure and financing. I have worked in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors domestically and internationally. I have led or co-led three start-ups – one in small and mid-market e-commerce, one in not-for-profit fundraising encompassing e-commerce and social networking and one in video social networking. I have helped to found two technology associations. I’ve worked as a board member in technology transfer with the University of Kansas Information Technology and Telecommunications Center and co-chaired the Information Technology Task Force for Kansas Senator Pat Roberts’ Science, Technology and the Future Committee. Prior to starting my technology career in 1996 I led a not-for-profit animal welfare organization. I have a BA degree from Furman University where I studied philosophy and political science followed by a year of post graduate study in psychology. Bob LaGarde June 2013  

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entrepreneurship, start-ups, travel, politics and government, internet, ecommerce

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